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12-14% Manganese Steel – Wear Resistant Steel with High Manganese Content.

12-14% Manganese Steel Plate Stockists

MD Exports LLP is a 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate stockholders and suppliers, delivering to the whole of the world.we are ISO 9001:2008 accredited and supplies 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate to internationally approved quality standards for applications. 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate have excellent quality to fully satisfy customer’s requirements.

The 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate supplied by us are accepted by clients in various spheres of the industries ranging from basic industries such as Sugar, Paper, Textile, Dairy, Engineering to more complex such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical & Fertilizers, Power Generation and Nuclear Industries.

MD Exports LLP specializes in 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate .With years of experience in manufacturing 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate we offer high quality, lower cost but the best service. As a result to that our export account today is in various countries like Saudi arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Greece, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa,South America,Brazil, India, Australia, Egypt.We welcome your inquiries.

We offer high grade 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate at affordable price. These 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate are manufactured using finest grade raw material available to ensure international quality. These 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate are available in different shape size and thickness according to the needs of our customer. Owing to highly experienced group of qualified professional and use of latest technology machinery, MD Exports LLP have supplied high quality 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate and profiles to customers throughout the worldwide.

As well as being available from stock all 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate can be cut to size and shape according to your fabrication and design requirements and all work is governed by our independently accredited and regularly audited quality systems.Our 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate are sourced from the highest quality steel manufacturers in the world and, like all our suppliers, these manufacturers have been vetted and assessed by our procurement team.


What is 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate ?

Manganese-Plates-SuppliersThis high manganese grade is an excellent work hardening, abrasion resistant steel. This manganese steel is a non magnetic austenitic type, supplied in full Plates or as profiled pieces by plasma cutting. Suitable for wear applications where high impact/gouging abrasion leads to a work hardening effect. High manganese steel Plates becomes increasingly hard when the surfaces of components are subject to repeated impact or abrasion. Its toughness, derived from high tensile strength and ductility, enables shock leads to be absorbed safely.

The main characteristics of manganese plate is a superior wear resistance: Severe wear on the surface has a work-hardening effect on the austenitic structure of this steel. This, when combined with the level of carbon in accordance with the international standards, leads to an increase in hardness from 200BHN (in as delivered Plates) up to an in-service hardness of at least 600BHN.The Standard of this 12-14 % Manganese includes CREUSABRO, 12-14% Manganese Steel, head field manganese Plates, manganese steel, ® M / X120 Mn12 / 12-14% Manganese. Manganese Plates highly durable and have excellent performance find applications in various industries. The high manganese Plates is featured with fully austenitic, quench annealed, non-magnetic, work-hardening steel with an exceptionally high level of wear resistance when subjected to work-hardening by shock or high impact pressure in service.

Manganese plates are manufactured and designed using optimum quality raw material based on advanced machines technology. These manganese plates are available in different dimensions and sizes and can be customized as per the clients’ requirements. The main feature of this manganese plates is its superior wear and resistance

12-14% Manganese Steel Plate Grade and Specification


1.3401 – X120Mn13






A128 Gr B2


Typical Analysis:


Stocked steel grades:

12/14% Manganese, X120 Mn12, Creusabro M, ASTM A128 Grade B2 , X120Mn13, DIN 1.3401, ASTM A128 Grade B2, Hadfield Steel Mangalloy , Euronorm GX120Mn12 ,CSN 42 920, Z120M12 ,BS3100, BW10, BS EN 10293

Supply Condition:

Supplied water quenched at 950-1000N/mm² X120Mn12 manganese steel has an austenitic structure and is non-magnetic. In its supply condition it has an approximate Brinell hardness of 200HB. In service the material rapidly work hardens, increasing the Brinell hardness figure up to approximately 500HB.


12-14% Manganese Steel Plate Properties
Chemical Properties Of 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate







Mechanical Properties Of 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate
Yield Strength


KCV 20°C
(68°F) – J
(55 KSI)
(136 KSI)
≥ 112 J
(≥ 83 ft.lbs)
(51 KSI)
(116 KSI)
64 J
(47 ft.lbs)


Physical Properties Of 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate
Density *
Expansion Coeff.0-600°C
Electrical *Resistivity
Thermal *Conductivity
Magnetic *Permability



10 ⁻⁶ °C ⁻¹21.510 ⁻⁶°F ⁻¹11.9
J/Metric Kg. °C502BTU/lb°F.12
W/m. °C13BTU/hr.ft°F7.3


12-14% Manganese Steel Plate Processing

The majority of normal processing can be performed on 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate.

MD Exports LLP Offers Following Processing for 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate :

Price of 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate
Typical Application of 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate
  • stone or iron chutes
  • industrial trackwork
  • anti drill plates such as security doors
  • shot blasting equipment
  • tumbling machines.
12-14% Manganese Steel Plate Packing & Shipping

packaging-High-manganese-steel-PlatesEach order is packaged according to the customer’ s standards including preparation for export such as wooden case, pallet or according to customer’s requirement All shipping documentation is provided for 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate delivery from mill to customer.

Every assignment begins with a visit of our experienced sales representative who assesses the volume / weight of the belongings and brief the client about the nature of packing required as well as various documentation formalities when moving from India.

Supply Area :

We Supply Our 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate to various countries like Saudi arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Greece, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa,South America,Brazil, India, Australia, Egypt.


12-14% Manganese Steel Plate Inventory

Pressure Vessel Steel Plate Application Industries

MD Exports LLP offers a broad range of 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches.these 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate is use in various industries like:

  • Fertilizers Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Nuclear Power Plant Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Refineries Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Paper Industry

MD Exports LLP inc is largest suppliers of 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate. we are supplying 12-14% Manganese Steel Plate in Saudi arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Greece, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa,South America,Brazil, India, Australia, Egypt.we assured our client that we are standing behind our product which we have supplied as well as we issued a quality certificate along with our product which we manufacture supplies and exports

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